About Project

The Strand Capital Limited is an officially registered company in New Zealand that provides its clients with all required guarantees, including the confidentiality of data provided by clients during registration. In addition, we guarantee that the requested payments will be charged on time and in full, as well as security in the form of insurance against capital loss. The company's system works 24 hours, which means that you can join us and invest whenever you want.

Our platform is available to customers worldwide and allows you to make instant payments without geographic, legal or political restrictions. All transactions are carried out in cryptocurrencies, which determines its high value as a financial asset and is completely anonymous and protects our partners from unnecessary taxes.


Strand Capital

We are an innovative investment platform that allows you to earn up to 250% within 4 days!

By using smart contracts technology, our investment scripts and advanced trading techniques, we can guarantee our Partners a large profit without the risk of losing capital.


Registered Company




Over time, we will try to expand our portfolio of investment plans by offering more profitable investment plans. We are constantly looking for new opportunities that will allow us to achieve even greater profits. We plan to enter the video game market, pharmaceuticals and renewable energy. Follow our facebook and our website to be up to date.

Road Map
  • Meeting with Bitcoin - 2015

    Even before the founding of legal personality, the founders of Strand Capital Limited were mining bitcoin with graphics cards. From that moment on, nothing was the same.

  • First crypto trading - 2017

    Getting to know the trading platforms that allow you to trade cryptocurrencies. Getting to know blockchain mechanisms.

  • The idea of establishing an investment platform - 2018

    Creating an idea, concept and business plan for the investment platform. An analysis of the most popular trading platforms has shown that the only correct solution is to create a decentralized platform based on blockchain technologies.

  • Looking for the Crew - 2019

    After 24 months of gaining knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency trading, we decided to recruit new employees with similar interests and worldview as we do.

  • Meeting with new crew members - 1Q 2020

    Integration event focused to getting to know all the new members of the team.

  • Researching about best place to incorporate new company. 2Q 2020

    During the search, we took into account the most favorable tax policy, as well as the greatest security for our potential investors. Due to COVID, we chose New Zealand as our headquarters. Second in the ranking in terms of the tax system, beneficial for entrepreneurs.

  • Incorporate Strand Capital Limited - 4Q 2020

    After several months of searching and completing the documents necessary to establish a company, we established Strand Capital Limited. Thus, we started a project to build an investment platform.

  • strandcapital.io investing platform has been launched - 1Q 2021

    After months of long and hard work, it is finally here! Our investment platform is ready to start your investment investment.

Office Shots
Our Managers

Daniel Brader

Daniel Brader joins us after almost 25 years of working for the world's largest banks. In recent years, he was the Managing Director and during his career he held leading positions in many prestigious companies related to the financial industry.

Kathy Hanson

Kathy Hanson joined Strand Capital Limited in November 2020 as Marketing and Communications Manager. Prior to joining the Marketing and Communications team, Kathy spent more than six years as Communications Director and Event Director at a Swiss private bank, prior to gaining experience in marketing, project management and event management at various divisions of a major European holding company in London, England and Frankfurt, Germany.

Mark Thomlinson

Mark Thomilson is the CEO and board member of Strand Capital Limited, a new financial services provider specializing in crypto assets and gold. In over 25 years of career, Mark has established himself as a thinking leader and pioneer in innovation in the world of finance, private banking and microfinance.

Peter Kenneth

Peter Kenneth has worked for several international and domestic financial institutions, where he gained over 7 years of experience in Risk Control and Risk Management functions. Prior to joining Strand Capital Limited, he implemented a comprehensive risk management framework for Blockchain banking.

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