Referral Program

The referral program helps users with wide reach earn more by actively promoting Strand Capital Limited on social media.

All available methods of advertising and promotion are allowed, with the exception of spam and other methods prohibited by law.




The referral program has 3 levels. The investor's profit for the attracted participant is 5% on the deposit made by the user who signed up from your link, 3% on the deposit made by the referral on the second level and 1% on the deposit made by the user on the 3rd level. For example: If you bring a user who invests $ 2500 you will get $ 125, if that user also finds someone who invests $ 2500 he will get $ 125 and you will get $ 75).

As you can see, it pays to actively promote our website, the more that you don't need to have an active deposit to recommend it.

The main advantages

of the program

Three levels of affiliate.

You do not need an active deposit to start earning money on referrals.

Preview of active refs in the dashboard.

Referral bonuses calculated automatically 24 hours a day.

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